Digital Marketing

Promotion is like oxygen for a business. Without it, the company will fail after a while. And with people becoming tech-savvy these days, digital marketing has become eminent. Anything that helps you in promoting your business online is a part of digital marketing. In fact, digital marketing is the most potent way for you to enhance your online visibility and engage your audience with your company.

The digital marketing team at Q-ARC comprises of content professionals, digital marketing strategists, PPC professionals, social media experts, and SEO experts. Our team aims at utilizing the best tools available online to help you reach out to more audiences and build a brand. We put in continuous efforts to ensure that you don’t just get visitors but lead conversions.

Web Design & Development

Creating websites doesn’t just need creative and a little knowledge; it also needs a lot of expertise and the combination of science and art of coding. Our experts have been in the industry for a long time and have come across multiple different projects. With such vast expertise, our developers and designers work together to build feature-rich websites that are not just functional but also user-friendly, interactive and leads to conversions.

We take care of every kind of website development projects, including custom web development, graphic designing, front-end development, manual and automated QA, mobile-friendly web development, e-commerce development, and web application framework projects. So, as a reputed Web Designing & Development company, you can rely on us to create your picture perfect website.

Content Writing & Branding

All the brands have their own story, and to grow and touch people’s hearts, it depends entirely on how you tell it to the audience. With the right content, your brand will be able to impact and pull in the right individuals. That is where the writing experts in Q-ARC help by creating informative, customer-driven, and engaging content that does not just build your brand awareness but also converts your guests to customers.

Content is like the backbone of any website and business online. It has the power to attract customers and also ruin a brand’s reputation. We at Q-ARC understand the need for the most accurate, original, and versatile content for every brand. So, you can be assured to obtain not just great content but also quality, that will help you grow your business. Plus, from website content and SEO content to blogs and e-books, we offer all type content services.

Ecommerce and Development

As one of the leading e-commerce development companies, Q-ARC DIGITAL has both the expertise and the track record needed to provide you with a full range of e-commerce development services. We bring end-to-end e-commerce services including custom e-commerce web design, e-commerce store customization, payment gateway integration, e-commerce app development, shopping cart development, responsive website development, e-commerce marketplace development, plugin & module development, and maintenance & support services.

When it comes to platforms of choice, Q-ARC DIGITAL has expertise in WooCommerce, Shopify, Drupal, Magento, BigCommerce, and other leading platforms. In fact, the solutions that we offer are secure, scalable, feature-packed, high performing, and reliable.

And it should be noted that we do not just help you set up your e-commerce website; we also help in growing your business by improving customer re-engagement & experience, increasing revenue per shopper, streamlining processes, employing multi-touch customer engagement programs, and reducing abandoned shopping carts. Basically, we ensure that you get the best out of the investment you put into your business.

App Development

Almost every business needs a mobile application for their business due to the increase in the use of mobile apps. And with Q-ARC DIGITAL at your side, you can easily attain your goal. Our experts first understand all your needs, create a plan, and then work towards developing a user-friendly and robust mobile application. With vast knowledge in the industry and a huge team available, we can prepare your app using cutting-edge technology and agile strategies.

By allowing Q-ARC DIGITAL to handle your application development project, you are sure to have your app prepared in time and without any hassle. We follow the coding guidelines and employ the latest programming practices to build a compatible application. Plus, we ensure that the app is prepared in such a way that when it goes live, you instantly begin to get returns on your investments.

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